It is summertime. I don’t know about you but I find it harder to work in the summer. I want to hike and bike and just play outside on the beautiful days. My routine is off and it is hard to adjust.

This is also the time for summer vacations. Which are supposed to be fun. But they can be stressful for everyone because of the change in our routines.

How do we get grounded when we change our routines or go on vacations?

Water boiling in kettle is no see thru

My work was all about change. I freelanced in film production for many years. There was no set schedule, no routine, no regular job, even if I was on one show for a long time, nothing was regular. Every day was a different location, different people and different hours.

My job title stayed the same, Script Supervisor. But the people I was assisting constantly changed. I needed to be grounded, focused and figure out what that director needed quickly. I was good at this because I had so much practice. I learned to assess situations quickly. A sense of calm was the main feeling I brought to the position. This served me well. It made me a very valuable team member.

How did I get calm about all of that change?

First, I got used to change. This is not something our brains like. I had to train my brain and body to be calm in new situations. 

Why calm? Because that is how I could easily assess situations. If I was upset, anxious, or nervous my mind couldn’t think or assess the situation. You can’t see through boiling water.

When I came in calm, confident and self-assured, I could observe what was happening around me. Think about the pot of water before it boils. You can see the bottom of the pot.

One thing I learned in all my change is you have to find the thing that works for you. You have to decide how you acclimate in new situations.

What makes you feel grounded?

People that travel for a living know how to get grounded in a new space. When I traveled for work, I always brought my French press, coffee and coffee mug. I took my routine with me. I drink decaf coffee. Good flavor is the important part. I always brought my thermos of brewed coffee on sets.  I took care of myself. That is what kept me grounded.

I was talking to a client while she was on vacation. She expressed the anxiety she was having. A new environment, a new city, new routine. We talked about her finding a way to ground herself. Walking, journaling, sitting and breathing, dancing in the space…

It is common to feel a bit weird in new situations including vacations. It is a change in space and routine.

Remember your monkey brain is there to protect you. Any change activates the brain to be wary. Once you ground yourself and live through the uncomfortable feelings, your brain will relax. Once it feels like you are ok, your brain realizes everything is fine.

And the Vacation Begins!

How do you get comfortable when you are making a change?

Adjusting to change is only one part of the process to discover your next thing. I’m here to help you navigate the whole process.

Take a leap. Get on a call.