I tend to have a positive attitude in life. That isn’t because my life has been all sunshine and roses. I have had my issues with family, relationships and career. But I look for the positive instead of the negative.

It makes me feel better to find the good instead of the bad.

I don’t always react this way. I have my bad days just like others.

I could choose to look at my life, find all of the bad things and hold onto them. But holding onto the bad doesn’t help me. It doesn’t advance my life. It doesn’t make me feel better. So, I choose a positive attitude instead of a negative one.

Smiling cartoon smiles with one frown

I recently took a hike with a friend. It was a two mile hike up a mountain. We had a wonderful time. When we got to the top we hung out ate snacks and chatted. It was a beautiful day.

Once we got to the bottom of the mountain I realized I didn’t have my phone. The pocket I kept it in has a broken zipper.  I wasn’t sure when I saw the phone last.

Where could it be? Did it fall out at the top of the mountain? Maybe I left it I the car?

So, we checked a few spots in the car, no luck. Now what were we going to do?

At this point I either left it at home or it fell out at the top of the mountain. I didn’t really want to walk back up but if it was there, I would be upset if I didn’t try to find it.

My hiking partner said he was fine going back up. This was good. If he wasn’t positive about the hike back up it would have been even worse.

It was getting late and the gates are closed at a certain time, so this time up the mountain we hiked quickly. The whole time I was staying positive. I just hoped it would be there.

If it wasn’t it was probably at home. I have been putting off trading up to the new phone.  In the back of my mind I was making plans of how to replace it if I didn’t find it.

We got to the top and it wasn’t there.

We laughed because we walked up the hill again. Then we headed down. The whole experience didn’t take too long. And it actually felt good.

We got to the bottom and I looked one more time in the car under the driver’s seat-the place where I hadn’t checked before. I found it. Oops. I guess I should have checked more carefully.

I instantly laughed at myself and the situation. He said “oh well, at least we have a story now.”

His attitude matched mine. He could have been pissed about the useless second trip up the mountain, but he wasn’t. I could have been aggravated with myself for not checking better but instead I had a different attitude.

Our attitudes made the experience fun instead of miserable.

All it took was having a good attitude. Once we removed the question of it being on top of the mountain I could think of other possibilities. My mind was open and creative instead of being upset, aggravated and closed.

It all came down to my attitude.
How does your attitude effect you?
How is your attitude changing your life?

When I was at the end of my film career, it was my attitude that made me change careers. I didn’t want to live with anger, frustration and a bad attitude.

Attitude is everything.

Next time you are frustrated, check your attitude. Can you change it by finding the positive? How does your attitude-good or bad-change the situation?

We find proof to prove our thoughts.
Your thoughts and attitude effect your life.
Are you happy with how you are living your life?

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