Part of reflecting on the past year

includes looking at what didn’t work.


What didn’t work for me last year?


Since I was working full time on my business, I felt I should work every day, all day. There were days I was spinning my wheels not really accomplishing anything. I also felt a bit burnt out at times. I scheduled my business but not my life. I didn’t take time to do projects around the house or in my garden. I hardly read for fun and I rarely went biking or hiking. I had a feeling that I needed to be working constantly.

It felt good to be in charge of my schedule when a few friends had emergencies. I was able to help them when they needed me. I didn’t even question the time I spent with them.

Reflecting has made me realize I need to make time for myself. This is a time in my business to set boundaries. I need to learn to close the office door and be done for the day.  Learning balance in my work and my life. That is this year’s work.

How am I going to change this year?

It’s time to experiment and find new ways to work. I have a few gurus I follow so I am taking some of their advice.

Each Sunday I schedule my week. It takes about 15-20 minutes. This is something I started last year to get each week started off with a plan. I like a plan.

To get balance, this year I decided to add hobbies, including house and garden projects, to that weekly plan. Scheduling all aspects of my life will help me include them on a regular basis. Instead of thinking about my life stuff as extra, I need to make it equal to my work. This will give me more joy in both my life and my work.

Learning balance takes some conscious effort.

I can already see how adding life to my schedule each week is making a difference.

So far this year, I have been more efficient in my work. And I am really enjoying the time I spend doing it. 


Being balanced has boosted my energy and my creativity in all aspects of my life.

What didn’t work for you last year?

How will you change it this year?