The first thing I help my clients with is clarity.

Why is clarity important? Because when we know why we do things, we can change them.

thru glasses we see a clear sunset

I like to start with exercises that help you get clear about why you are where you are right now.

Why did you pick the career you are in?
What do you like about it?
What don’t you like about it?
Why are you still doing it?

These questions reveal so much about you. The information tells us about how you make choices, what you like and dislike about your present career, and how you want to live.

This opens you to discovering new possibilities. It gives you a guide to reference when you start to explore new positions.

My process is all about looking within yourself and finding the things that you find exciting. Our goal is to find the place where you are the best version of yourself.

My life is a great example of this. When I was in college I found film production. I loved the creativity, I loved movies and was excited to the possibility of making them.

I started freelancing and was totally enjoying being part of the local film community. I started in commercials. I didn’t work every day and I was still making good money.

Having time off opened me up to hobbies. I started to enjoy my life. I traveled with my husband, expanded my hobbies and enjoyed work, when I had it. I got established in town with a great reputation and kept busy.

I like a goal and movies have always been a passion of mine. Commercials were easy by this point. It was time to start pursuing the longer format pieces like movies and TV shows.

This was very different than working on commercials. Doing a movie is all consuming. We would work 5-6 days a week and we worked until we were finished with the day’s list. The minimum schedule was for 12 hours. There were many days it was closer to 14-16 hours. And the job lasted for months.

While on a movie or TV show there was no time for life. I loved the team work, the common goal and the creativity. It was like summer camp. I was young and excited to be doing the job I was doing.

But having no life was difficult. Difficult for me and for my relationships.

My marriage fell apart. I didn’t think it was work related because there were other things that weren’t working.

When I had no one waiting at home, my film career was my life. I worked all the time.

I started to see my life slipping by. I had no time for hobbies or travel. It was time to ask myself some questions.

Was work the only thing I wanted?

I decided to get clear on how I wanted to live my life. I looked at how I wanted to live before even thinking about work.

These were the things I didn’t take into consideration when I was choosing my career in college. I never thought about where I wanted to live. How I wanted to live. Who I wanted to be. Or what was important to me.

How about you? How did you decide on your career? Are you happy with that decision?

It is never too late to make a change.

I was about 10 years from retirement but that didn’t stop me from making a change and living the life I wanted. Time is limited. I didn’t want to waste another minute unfulfilled.

If you are ready to take control of your life and stop doing something you don’t like. Send me an email and let’s see what is possible in your life.