Clarity breeds confidence.

When we know who we are we gain confidence. I think it is confusion that brings insecurity.

Woman drawing arms in air and confident

Confidence is a big factor in finding your next thing.

It is easy to stay at a job we know. It is the unknown that can be scary. When we are looking at new things we haven’t necessarily done, we have less confidence about what we are doing. We are not sure how to do the new thing or if we are doing it correctly.

One thing I help my clients do is get clear about themselves.

I start with a simple exercise of writing out a skills list. I have them write out all of their skills, including basic things like tying a shoe. I don’t want them to just see the skills they use at work, I want them to see the skills they use every day. It is an exercise that is easy and very empowering.

The next exercise is an accomplishments list. This one needs to go back to childhood too. When we gather all of this information in one place it is impressive. I love to hear the excitement in my clients’ voices when they realize all they have accomplished so far in their lives.

These lists open our minds to possibilities.

For example, one skill that I have used over and over is baking. I learned this as a child from my grandmother.

My first escape from film production was to manage a bed and breakfast. I have always loved people and their stories.  And I love to entertain and cook for others. I took these skills for granted for many years. Managing a Bed and Breakfast was easy for me because of the skills I learned at an early age.

Don’t discount your skills.  They can reveal new career interests you never thought to try.

Freelancing in film production, building a coffee shop and catering business, and now life coaching have all been great ways to build on my skills and tap into the confidence I gained from previous careers.

Looking at my skills list and my accomplishments list helped me realize that I have the skills to do almost anything. And what I don’t have the skills for now, I know I can learn.

Getting to know more about who you are reinforces your confidence.

It is amazing to see how many skills are transferable to other careers. Looking at your lists helps you increase your confidence by seeing how qualified and amazing you really are.


If you are ready for that next thing I am here to help you figure it out and get there. 

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