Patience is needed to continue to be consistent without results

Jigsaw puzzle pieces representing the patience needed to figure out your next career
When I started biking regularly last year I began by just scheduling it (starting a habit) and doing it regularly. I was riding after my first morning appointment then going back to work after I was finished. I remember the first time I went out.  It was a quick ride, about 12 miles.  I was exhausted after the ride. I had no energy for the rest of the day. I had work to do, but I was struggling to accomplish it.

Did I give up? No, I had to be patient.

I had to keep biking and let my body adjust to the new activity. So, I kept riding. By the end of the outdoor riding season I felt great. I had become a regular biker. When looking for a new career, patience is a necessary skill to have. There is a lot to look at within yourself. It takes time and energy to figure out your next thing.

Many people can’t wait. They want a new job immediately.

They either stay in the same unsatisfying position or they peruse the classified and go with something that looks interesting. They rarely take time to research the new interesting position, so they have idealized the job in their mind. They are thinking of only one thing-I need a job. They start the new job and don’t like it because it wasn’t what they thought it would be. They stick it out for a while thinking-it’s a job at least. Five years later, they are back to wanting a fulfilling job without a clue as to what that could be.

Taking the time to know yourself- your skills, your personality, and the lifestyle you want-will make the transition smoother.

Many people settle into an unfulfilling career because they think it will be too hard to change.  Or they think that they have to go back to school if they want a change. So they end up staying at the job they do not like and dream about retirement. I think there are too many hours at work each day, to not be happy.

I am here to tell you, that you have all you need within you, to find the career of your dreams.

I watch my clients do this every day. It is about being patient with the process. And it starts with allowing ourselves to dream.

Is it time to reveal your dream?
To live that dream?
And to love your life?

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