The goal always seems daunting until you break it down into steps.
Taking small steps consistently is the secret to reaching your goal.

Baby foot representing the small steps needed to achieve your goals

So many thoughts came up when I started on my path to finding a new career. It was overwhelming. I didn’t know where to start. I had tried other things. I had a wide range of experiences. But what was next?

When I first had the thought about changing careers, I was ready for a change. So,  I just jumped on someone else’s dream. It sounded fine. I could make it happen and I did. We were hired to run a bed and breakfast.  We were employees at something we said we wanted to try.

The job initially sounded good. There were things I liked about it-the gourmet breakfasts, the guests, and the location. But I knew quickly, after I tried it, that this was not my next career path. It was not how I liked to work.

What to do next, was again on my mind.

I looked around the area and started to create a business that would fill a void. I started a catering business that would put meals in the visitor’s kitchens.  I was the one who designed the business and decided how it would look. I liked this.

After we moved to a new area, we decided to open a coffee shop.  The catering experience was a great step toward opening the coffee shop. All was good until our partnership ended.

Now I needed to find my next thing, again.

At first, I went back to what I knew, film production.  This took care of my immediate needs. I never planned to do it forever.  I needed time to figure out my next thing. I needed to really analyze my life and find something that I loved.

My goal was a new career. I broke it down into steps. I worked consistently, step by step. I read books, took quizzes and then found a coach to help me along the path. She held me accountable and gave me insight. With her, I made the final push and found the ideal career for me.  

It took time and work to dig deep and figure out my next career.

Figuring it out and then executing it has changed my life. I really am living my dream.

I found that the key is to work on your dream consistently and never stop until you find it.

Having a coach can help with that. Accountability, insight, and ideas are just a few ways that a coach can help you.

Life is too short to be unhappy. Work is huge part of our lives.

Are you happy with your work?

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