I tried a few careers before getting back into film production. I got back in because I needed a quick fix. My marriage was breaking up. My creativity was at a low. Going back to film production was the easiest thing for me at the time.

It worked. I got out of debt and kept very busy. Then I started to feel the same as when I left the first time. I could have stayed in film but it was no longer challenging me in a way I wanted to be challenged.

Baby hand around an adult index finger

It was time to do the work to find the right career for me.

When I talked with coworkers, I found some frustrated. They felt like they couldn’t do anything else besides film without going back to school or getting years of training.

I knew this wasn’t really true. I had tried different things when I left the first time. None needed a new degree.  

I managed a Bed and Breakfast, opened a catering business, then opened a coffee shop and I was even successful in a fundraising position. Going back to film production was the quick fix for me at the time. Now I was ready for something new.

The first step was to be open to the possibilities.

To do this I needed to look at things differently.  I didn’t want to just rule out possibilities because of what I thought the job would be or what I thought they would require as far as skills and experiences were concerned. I needed to be open to every position I saw. I needed to spend some time researching the positions that interested me, with an open mind.

Curiosity was my main motivator in my search.

There are so many jobs and careers I never would have explored if I wasn’t curious. Even coaching was not on my radar until I was coached.  

Think about some of the new businesses out there-Airbnb, Amazon, Uber, Facebook.  When these were first proposed they seemed very foreign. Many people passed on the initial offerings because they thought the idea was crazy. Those investors were not looking at the ideas with a beginner’s mindset. They were looking at them from a more closed mind.  They were not open to something so new and different. The ideas were too weird for them.

Luckily, not everyone felt that way and these companies have thrived. And each of those companies has created opportunities for other new companies too.

When we are open to new ideas we create new companies, new opportunities and new lives.

Are you limiting yourself with your thoughts? Try looking at something you think is crazy with a new perspective. Come at it with a beginner’s mindset.

Don’t think of the ways that it is not possible, think of the ways that it is possible.


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