How many times have you been curious about something but didn’t address it because you were afraid?

Black and white drawing of Head with open brainand question marks coming out

This is a perfect time to think about why this is happening. It is hard to be strong and work through our fears.

Our brain is there to protect us.

If we are feeling danger it takes over to keep us safe. It doesn’t know what the situation is, it just senses our reaction to a situation.

When you feel fear, your brain kicks into action.

Our job is to question that reaction. Is this really dangerous? Do I need to cut and run? Or do I need to be calm and work through the initial fears I am having in this situation?

Being curious is a great way to figure out why you are reacting this way.

Why are you afraid? Is it really something to be afraid of? Are you in danger?

I like to look at the worst-case scenario and then turn it around.

For example:

What can happen if you ask a question?

  • People will think I am stupid
    OR others were wondering that same thing and appreciate my question.
  • I don’t ask and leave the meeting confused
    OR I get clarity and understanding.
  • I stay afraid and silent
    OR I speak up and get better at dealing with my fears

This happens all the time in our lives.
We limit ourselves because we are afraid.

Initially questioning these fears is not easy.  But with practice it gets easier. That is the case with anything new. Everything gets easier after you do it numerous times.

Living in curiosity is something we lose as we age and live in society.

Think about when you started something new as a kid? Now think about something you started recently that is new to you. Did you come at it with the same curiosity you had as a child?

The classic example is riding a bike. If you learned as a kid you just kept trying until you got it right. I remember all of those scrapped knees as a kid while learning to ride. I rode a lot as a child.  Through college it was my only mode of transportation.

When I started riding again about 5 years ago it was a different experience. Yes, it is was easy to pick back up physically. But going downhill at first was scary. I kept picturing crashing. I watch the Tour De France so I have seen bike crashes and those fears came in at first. Also, I have fell over when I was getting used to being clipped into the pedals. Those knee scraps are painful.

It took a while to embrace the downhill experience. But I kept going. It got easier each time. I realize crashing is possible. I wanted to bike regularly so I needed to get past the fears and enjoy the road experiences.

I don’t want fear to stop me from living my life I want to live.

The question really comes down to how do you want to live? In fear or in curiosity?

How many things do you avoid because of your fears?

I can help you mitigate those fears and open your mind to new possibilities.

Are you ready to live a curious life?

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