What is the purpose of life?
That is the question I have often pondered. I feel one purpose is to continue learning. To do that you have to be open to learning. Be curious about everything.
Once we start to think we know everything, learning stops.
Keep learning graffiti

I try to find lessons in everything I do.

I think curiosity goes hand in hand with coaching.
When I am talking with a client. I ask questions. I have them delve deep into what they are thinking. A lot of my job is to open the minds of my clients. There are always many ways to look at things.

What if you took a moment to see a different view?

Since we are in a curiosity series I am going to continue with last week’s blog story. If you remember I was frustrated with a group I am in. We need to do a group project for the class we are attending. It has been frustrating because members haven’t been bought in and one member wasn’t open to other suggestions for the project. So the group members were coasting.

That wasn’t working for me. I decided to send out an email. In the email I voiced my frustration and asked if anyone else was feeling the same way. The main purpose of the email was curiosity. They all responded and we scheduled a meeting.

I had been struggling with this issue for months. I was frustrated after each meeting and kept trying to come up with solutions. I would take it to the group. But they were just coasting. They had already checked out.

With a new in-person meeting scheduled, I knew I needed to go in with an open mind.

Frustration is a closed mindset.

I had to change my attitude. I wanted to be open and curious. I had to be open to learning. I had to be willing to hear what others’ thought was the issue and be willing to work as a team.

It is easy to get an attitude and not learn anything. Easy to take the position that I am right and they are wrong. But I was here to learn. I wanted to be open. Open to the group, open to learning and open to a new solution.

The meeting was a success.

We discussed how the experience has been, we talked about our mission for the project, and we discussed how we could move on in a different direction that would help us become a team and make an impact on others.

The email I sent opened the door to the group. It gave us a chance to voice our concerns and be heard.

It was curiosity that help open the door to a successful outcome.

What did I learn? First, I wasn’t the only one with frustration. Second, when people are heard they have great ideas.  And third a group can change  into a team even at the end of the experience. So never give up.

I now am excited to become a team. To work together to make a difference in the community. And to end our class on a positive note.

Don’t give up. Stay curious and open to learning. And who knows how it will change your life.

If you are ready to open up your mind. I am here to help. Send me a message and schedule a free consultation call. Let’s get you on your next path.