Being curious about things that don’t work in your life will open you up to information and growth.

Every day there are things that work and things that don’t work. I like to take time to acknowledge the things that did work by celebrating. And I take time look at the things that didn’t work to see what I can learn.

Overhead of greenhouse build

Evaluation turns experiences into insight.

I have so many examples of this. I am always working on new ideas in my business, house, gardens and life. Lately I have been putting my greenhouse up after having it in my basement for almost 20 years.

It is a big erector set. I found the paperwork in a file from the purchase in 1990. I was able to refer to the directions and pictures from the original build.

You would think that this time it would go up without a hitch. That was not the case. There were a few things that needed to be adjusted throughout the process. Things hung backwards, the door needed to be adjusted, and fans and shutters were put up incorrectly and needed to be changed.

All of these things took trial and error.

My attitude has been a beginner’s attitude even though this is the second time I put it together. I am not a builder.

I had an Erection Party to put it up. Everyone had opinions and input. Some worked, some didn’t. It was fun to see everyone work together to figure it out.

We weren’t stressed. We just kept trying new things until we got it right. It was wonderful that everyone came to help and that they all came with the right attitude. Everyone was ready to work and they were open to figuring it out. It was fun to look around at everyone working and laughing.

We got it up.

The adventure continues. Yesterday I had a few friends help me put plastic on the structure. I read the directions numerous times to be able to look at the project as a whole and try to think of the issues in advance.

We got done what we could do in the allotted time. We got the two layers on the main body.  It was fun and exhausting. The project feels endless at times. But it will get done and I will have many years of pleasure from the plants I will grow.

I am enjoying the process. I am being patient about the time it is taking.

It is because I don’t expect to know these things that I am able to enjoy the trial and error.

When it comes to other parts of my life,  I need to remember my attitude about this. I can get very upset with myself if I make mistakes on things I think I should know. That attitude gets me nowhere. Being curious goes out the window. Instead I get stuck.

Keeping a beginner’s mindset, being curious about why it isn’t working and being open to trial and error throughout this process, has reminded me of all I can accomplish.

It may take a bit longer but the lessons I learn are worth the extra time.

Are you being curious? Are you learning from you failures?

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