When I decided it was time for a new career I had no clue what to do next.

It had taken me awhile to find my first career direction in college. I thought I was set for life once I made that decision. I liked film production. I liked the energy of the set and I liked the collaboration.

I didn’t like the schedule. I didn’t mind the long hours, I just hated not being able to schedule my life. It made relationships and friendships difficult. My relationships and friendships are important to me.

The first place I went after leaving film production was Truckee, CA. I have written about the work I did there but there were so many other things about that experience that changed my outlook on my life.

This was the beginning of finding myself.

I had worked and lived my film job for a long time. I needed to know who I was. How I wanted to live. How I wanted to work.

It was time to try some new things.

Going from a city to a small tourist town was a big change. I always thought living in a city was how I liked to live. But I instantly loved living in a small town. I was living in a beautiful area. I knew that the outdoors was one of my passions but it became more so when I was in Truckee.  I could do outdoor activities that I loved on a regular basis-cross country skiing, snowshoeing, hiking and kayaking the beautiful alpine lakes. And I joined a women’s group.

I was starting to discover new parts of myself.

Being part of a women’s group was new for me. I am from the generation of female competition. I remember my mother always said she didn’t like women, even though she had four daughters. I had both male and female friends but the women’s group took my friendships to a new level. I hadn’t had time to really foster friendships while working in film production. The work made it very difficult to see people consistently. Now I had control of my schedule and didn’t miss a group gathering.

The women’s group in Truckee was amazing. These women were from all walks of life-stay at home moms, artists, realtors, postal workers, and professionals. It was all new and fabulous. I felt supported, loved and part of the community. I hadn’t felt like this in my past. I learned how important my women friends are in my life.

When we first moved to Asheville, I didn’t know many people. Once the coffee shop opened, I had a pool of women to choose from so I started a monthly women’s group.

I wanted to share the experience I found in my Truckee group with others and find women friends locally.  My female friends have brought me so much joy and happiness. We have supported each other during the hard times and the celebrations.

One of the most important changes in my life has been changing that learned childhood thought about women.

I now believe the women in my life are very important. I like men but being around women is easy, empowering and wonderful. It is fun to have our femininity as our common thread.

I see the importance of working together to support and advance other women. It has led me to Empowerment coaching which I love.

The new career of a bed and breakfast didn’t work out.

But I learned so many things about myself and how I wanted to live.

I took those things with me when I started to design my life. I looked at all of the things I wanted in my life.  And put them in the design.

I still live in a small town in a beautiful area and I am still part of a women’s group.

We get to decide, how we live our lives.

It is hard to start a new path. I am here to help. Sign up for a free consultation call. Let’s get you started today!


*I am currently part of a local chapter of the women’s organization Together Women Rise. It is an organization of women supporting other women. Each month we learn and support groups that are improving conditions for women around the world. Please check it out. There are chapters all over the country.