You have started on your path of discovery. You are getting excited about the possibilities you never thought about before. There is some great stuff going on and you are enjoying yourself.

Then thoughts start to arise that aren’t so positive. The doubt comes in. The fears start to appear. Now you start to question your new journey.

balls with faces with different emotions

First thing you need to know is that everything is ok.

This is how it works. Your brain is here to keep you safe. When you start to make a change your brain kicks in. When you make a change, it doesn’t know what to do. It is used to the path it is on and knows how to deal with that, even if it is not working for you. When you make a change, your brain starts to do everything it can to keep you on the same path to protect you. It sends you thoughts that create feelings and this usually works. You get scared. You listen to what your brain tells you and you believe it.

Just know your feelings are temporary. When you feel good and when you feel scared, the feeling will change.

There are times you may think that this is the way you will feel forever. This is not true. That feeling is temporary. All feelings are temporary.

Knowing this helps me get through the times I feel overwhelmed and afraid. I work through the feelings and find the thoughts I am having. It is a perfect opportunity to discover what I am thinking and feeling.

Having a record will give you information. I found patterns. Now when similar feelings and thoughts come up, I know it is just my brain keeping me safe. And it is easier to move onto other thoughts and feelings.

It is important to be kind and loving to yourself and to feel the feelings. Sometimes a walk is the only way I can change my energy.

The temporary feelings include feeling good.

When we feel good it will pass too. I think it is important to celebrate when you are feeling good. When we feel good it is also a perfect time to note what you are thinking and feeling. When you are not feeling good, you can refer to this information and remember that you will get there again.

Our feelings will always change. They are part of our life experiences.

Just know that your feelings are temporary. Enjoy the days that are great and be sure to celebrate. It will help you get through the other days that aren’t.

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