Beginning your evaluation starts with looking at all that was good in your life this past year.

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Why start here?

Because that brain of ours is so good at looking at the negative that we need to start with the positive. Once we go negative, we have a hard time finding the good.

This step is fun because you get to see all you have done this year.

Now start to write down what you accomplished.

I know it can be hard to remember if you just try to think about it. I like to use my calendar to jog my memory. I also look at how I spent my money by looking at credit cards and bank statements.

This process takes some time if it is the first time you are evaluating this year. I like to plan for 15-20 minutes each day for a week or so. Next year, I recommend evaluating weekly and/or monthly. Then you can just look back at the evaluation to find the information you need.

Finding the good in my year reenforces the growth I have had. I see how different I am by looking around at the people I now know, the events I have attended and the work I have accomplished. This is supposed to be a positive experience. Really take in all the good from the past year. Make a big list. Then look again and find the little things that worked.  It is small steps that get us to our goals and make our lives great.

After I find all of the good things I did, I go to the list and think about the thoughts and feelings I had when I performed and accomplished the tasks.

I had a great year. I didn’t reach all of my goals but there were plenty of other things that advanced my life and business. Don’t just look at what you accomplished look at how you felt and what you thought. If you were successful at managing your mind some of the time, that is an accomplishment.

Since I didn’t reach all of my money goals, I looked at other things that changed and improved this year.

  1. Having my Back: I learned how to have my back throughout the year. No matter what happened I was kind to myself. I still got upset, but instead of beating myself up, I became curious and figured out what to do to change what wasn’t working.
  2. Building Community:  I have an amazing community. I worked to connect with other business owners, new friends, and I strengthened my relationships with older friends. This has made my year great.
  3. Work /life balance: My schedule has been a challenge in the past. This year I focused on tweaking my schedule. My work life balance has improved. I am much more realistic about how long things take. And I have worked to stick to the schedule. If what I have scheduled takes longer, I work longer.  But if a task takes less time, instead of adding more work to the day, I do something else that I love like go for a hike or garden or read…

It is through reflection that we get insight from our experiences.

I love this part of the evaluation process, it makes me feel great. This is the time to reflect on how we are living our life.

If you are struggling and are ready to take steps to better your life, I am here to help you get on that next path.

Don’t wait another year to make a change. Set up a free consult call and we will come up with a plan that will help you in whatever stage you are in.