We are on the third step in the evaluation process.

What can I do differently.  

We have looked at what worked and what didn’t work this past year. Now it is time to start planning next year.

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When you look at the lists you created in the first two steps, you will start to see patterns.

Start by looking at your What Worked list.

Ask yourself: Why did that work?
Was it your commitment to the project? Your commitment to making it work?  Was it a new habit that made it work? Really think about Why it worked?

Now take look at your What Didn’t Work list.

Ask: Why didn’t that work?
What can I do differently to make it work? We are talking small steps here. Like what new habits would help make it work?

I like this step because it is your chance to be really creative. Think out of the box. When you are looking at what didn’t work there are changes that need to be made, to make it work.

Be creative with the changes.

I always like to write everything I can think of down. Then I cull the list. Remember, starting a bunch of new things will set you up for failure. We don’t want that. Break the list down to your top five or ten things.

Now you get to decide how you will add them to your schedule.

Add a new thing every two weeks or once a month or even once a quarter. Always remember that it is better to perfect the new thing before you add another new thing.

You need to know how the new things are working. Just doing things is never a good idea.

This is where you can bring in weekly evaluation. Evaluate how they are working and adjust them. It is all trial and error. The only way you will know if it worked is if you evaluate.

Evaluation makes you aware of what is true.

Once you know how things are really working, you can make the changes and adjustments needed to make these new actions work for you.

Our habits are what create our life.

What habits are working for you? What habits are not?

It is all about your commitment in your life, your business and your growth. 

Start with evaluation to figure out what is really true about your life, your career, and your relationships.

Are you ready to live your best life?

As always, I am here to help. I know I couldn’t do it alone. Send me an email.