Beginning your evaluation starts with looking at what worked over the last year.

Why start here?

Because that brain of ours is so good at looking at the negative that we need to start with the positive. Once we go negative we have a hard time finding the good.  

Man overlooking city

This step is fun because you get to see all you have done this year.

Think about what you were doing, thinking and feeling.

Now start to write things down.

What did you accomplish?
What were you thinking?
What were you feeling?

I know it is hard to remember if you just try to think about it. I like to use my calendar to look back. It takes time for this process. I like to plan for 15-20 minutes each day for a week or so.

I have a growth mindset.

I work on myself and my business. I can tell how different I am by looking around at the people I now know, the events I have attended and the work I have accomplished. But I am not only looking for the tasks I have accomplished but also the thoughts and feelings I had at that time.

Remember this is supposed to be a positive experience. So really take in all the good you have done. Make a big list. Look at the little things and remember it is little steps that get us to our goals and make our lives great.

Do not ignore the little stuff.

These past few years has been extra hard because of COVID. Take some time to think about that too. Your accomplishments should be celebrated even more since we have all been suffering in different ways because of the pandemic. You can definitely track those feelings, COVID is something we haven’t dealt with before and we are still living through it.

How are you feeling about the pandemic?
How did you feel in January?
How about May when we thought the world was opening up?
How do you feel now?

They always say hindsight is 20/20. This is your chance to start to look back and learn from all you have done this past year.

I am here if you have questions or need help.