I have been doing my evaluations along with you, with a deep dive each week. It has been fun to look back. And interesting to see all I am learning through this process of evaluation.

One more step and this is as important as the other steps

Fireworks display

The final step is to take in all you have accomplished.

Look back at all of the months again. Look at all of the things that happened and pick three top wins for the year. Three things you are the most proud of accomplishing.

Celebration is so important.

How many times have you looked for validation or praise from a boss or parent? This is your chance to give it to yourself. Really take in all you have done. Really pat yourself on the back.

You made it happen.

We tend to see the failures and mistakes and dwell on those. It is a common thing because our brain is there to protect us. It tells us about danger.

We need to train our brain to acknowledge the good stuff too.

So, we need to make a bigger effort to do that. Start practicing. Once a week celebrate something you have done.  It will become more comfortable after a while.

Let’s start the practice today with celebrating last year’s accomplishments.

Decide how you are going to celebrate.

Do you buy yourself a new piece of jewelry? A new outfit? A new toy like a bike or a paddleboard?  Maybe it is taking yourself out to dinner at your favorite place. Or maybe it is just taking a yoga class or hiking your favorite trail.

It doesn’t have to cost money. But it does need to be something that feels like a celebration.

Record the event.

I think it is important to take a picture of yourself celebrating. It will be the “evidence” of the accomplishment. The picture will remind you over and over. It will build your confidence and help you try new things.

As the pictures collect they help remind you of all of your accomplishments. Remember you are the CEO of your life. You need to take time to acknowledge your accomplishments too.  

Be aware of your feelings.

This is a good time to write how you feel about your accomplishment. Brag, gloat, enjoy the things you have done. You should feel good. You need to feel these feelings too. This can go in your file of fabulousness. It is good to know how you feel when you succeed.  

Write about how you feel celebrating.  Happy, deserving, proud or unworthy, anxious, embarrassed…  If it is not a positive feeling you just need more practice.

If you are comfortable succeeding and celebrating you will succeed more.

We create the life we have. You are in charge of your decisions. You can design and live the life you dream. I chose the life I wanted. And I am discovering daily what I need to do to make it what I designed.

What do you choose? How can you make your life, the life you want?  

I am here to help. Email me for a free consultation call.