I hope you have finished the What Worked list.
You probably forgot a lot until you looked back. This is a fun way to rediscover the year.

Take in all you have done this year.


woman looking out to land in distance
Now let’s look at What Didn’t Work.

This is all just information. If you are aware of it, you will be able to change it. If we bury our head in the sand nothing changes. This is not a time to beat yourself up because of what you find.

Start with an open mind.

Now look back at each month like when you looked to see what worked.

We are gathering information. All the things you are looking at are done. We can’t go back and change them, but we can do it differently next time. Stay neutral while doing this. No reason to get upset with yourself. You can make changes in the future if you know what happened.

Be curious, detailed and kind.

Now it is time to look at the lists you created in the first two steps and find the patterns.

Take a look at your what worked list.

Ask yourself: Why did that work?
Was it your commitment to the project? Your commitment to making it work?  Was it a new habit that made it work? Really think about Why it worked?

Now take look at your What Didn’t Work list.

Ask yourself: Why didn’t that work?
What can I do differently to make it work? We are talking small steps here. What new habit would help make it work?

I like this step because it is your chance to be really creative. Think out of the box. When you are looking at what didn’t work there are changes that need to be made. What are the changes that make it work.

These things can now be added to your schedule for next year.

Evaluation makes you aware of what is true.

Once you know how things are really working, you can make the changes and adjustments needed to make these new actions work for you.

This is where weekly evaluation can help. Evaluate how things are working and adjust them. It is all trial and error. The only way you will know if it worked is if you evaluate.

Our habits are what create our life.

What habits are working for you? What habits are not?

Start with evaluation to figure out what is really true about your life, your career, and your relationships.

Are you ready to live your best life?

I am here to help. I know I couldn’t do it alone.

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