I hope you have finished the What Worked list.
You probably forgot a lot until you looked back. I find it fun to rediscover the year.

Take in all you have done this year.
Celebrating is very important, so celebrate these accomplishments!

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Now let’s look at What Didn’t Work.

This is all just information. If you are aware of it you will be able to change it. If we bury our head in the sand nothing changes. This is not a time to beat yourself up because of what you find.

Start by looking back at each month like you did when you looked to see what worked.

Start with an open mind.

No reason to get upset with yourself. You can make changes in the future if you know what happened.

I have been looking back and have come to realize that I need to get out of the office more. I found that I spin my wheels and get nothing done if I sit at my desk. 

What I have found is if I have a plan for the week and a list for the day I get it all done. I do not need to sit at the desk because it is “work hours”.

This is an example of what is not working for me. I have some ideas for what to do differently and I will tell you about that in the next blog next week.

The main trick to finding what didn’t work is to stay neutral, don’t beat yourself up for things that are not working.

We are gathering information. All the things you are looking at are done. We can’t go back and change them but we can do it differently next time. Stay neutral while doing this.

And have some fun with it. This is information gathering.

Be curious, detailed and kind.

If you have questions reach out I am here to help!