It takes time to make changes in your life. Being consistent along the way is an important part of the process. The time it takes can seem long. One way to stay motivated and enjoy the process is to find value in what you are doing along the way.

Find value in the process. How do you do that?

Breaking things down into steps and prioritizing those steps is the first thing to do.

Looking at just the goal can be daunting. Breaking it down into steps will make it much easier to attain. It will give you a place to begin and will identify the steps you need to realize your goal. After each step you can evaluate.

We all know that reflection turns experiences into insight.

Evaluating is a wonderful way to stay on track by continually checking in with your progress. If the steps you wrote originally aren’t working out-maybe you need more steps or maybe fewer-make adjustments along the way.

I’ll use my greenhouse build as an example. It’s not quite done yet. The process has been interesting.

When I first thought about putting it up, I had a spot picked out in I my mind. I was sure it would be the perfect spot. Every time I thought about the greenhouse, pictured the final greenhouse, it was in that “perfect spot.” When I finally started to make the calls to get the spot ready, I hit some roadblocks.

My first plan was to have solar power for the greenhouse. I called my electrician and it was not going to work the way I had pictured it. If I wanted to use that spot I would have a very long deep trench to dig. I would need water and electric in that trench. I also would need a water heater because I grow tropical plants and the winter water temperature would be too cold for them to survive. Was this really what I wanted?

This stopped me. It was time to pause and really evaluate the situation.

I pulled out the old file from the first time I erected the greenhouse in Atlanta in 1990. I read the directions again. In the site selection suggestions, they said to put the greenhouse close to the house, making it easier to get to in inclement weather.

This made me think. I remembered a snow storm in Atlanta where the power went out and I lost a bunch of plants. If it had been closer to the house I could have brought plants in easily.  OK, I realized the paper work made sense. I was open to a new spot.

And then it came to me. The really perfect spot.

The new greenhouse location is very close to the house-right outside the side door. The trench is very short and only needs to have electric. Water is very accessible. Not only the cold water, I can connect a hose to a basement sink and easily have warm water to use in the winter.

Now I have the perfect spot for the greenhouse. It is hard to believe I hadn’t picked this one originally.

There are more steps before it is completely finished but it is getting closer.  When it is up it will be beautiful. The longer time frame has given me time too perfect the process, enjoy the journey and analyze my decisions along the way.

Once my goal of erecting the greenhouse is done, I move onto the next goal of growing all the fun plants I have been dreaming about. This project will bring we joy for years to come. The process has taken time but I have used that time to make it the perfect addition to my life.

Life is a journey. Don’t race to the finish line. Take time to enjoy the process of living your best life.

I’m here to help you do just that.

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