I fell down yesterday. I was spinning down the drain. Something triggered me and I couldn’t get the craziness to stop. After wallowing in self-pity I wasn’t happy and I knew continuing to wallow wasn’t going to make me feel better.

Here I am feeling horrible about myself and everything around me.

I have identified that I am spiraling. Now what do I do to get out of that place so I can deal with what triggered me in the first place. Well, I took my own advice. I started by taking a walk. It was a brisk walk. At first the crazy thoughts kept spinning around in my brain. I needed to change that too. I didn’t want to talk myself into believing those crazy thoughts. I decided to start listing gratitudes. It took a minute for me to think of something. Then I heard a bird singing, it made me happy. There was the first one. That opened the floodgate. After each new gratitude I felt a little better.

All around me was beauty and love. I just needed to see it.

I find that gratitude will help you get out of those stuck places. We all have bad days. If nothing else they remind us to enjoy the happy days. I am working hard to embrace the bad days too. They give me a chance to work on some of those things that still need attention. I have found, to work on those issues, I need to be in a good place. On a bad day this can be hard to imagine. The pain is taking me spiraling down the drain. I need to be able to address the pain. It can be hard to get started.
After the walk I was able to journal and think about what upset me and what it triggered. Now I can deal with that old issue that needs to be healed.

We all fall down; we all have bad days.

I want to feel that those days are gifts. When we feel good we feel like we don’t have any more work to do. The bad days give us our next lesson. Once we learn that lesson we are better again

What are you grateful for?