Are you being 100% honest in your life?

I am a very honest person. That doesn’t mean I am mean or that I say hurtful things. What that means is I like to be truthful with people. As a life coach I help people see how their thoughts are creating their results. Honesty is why people are paying me.

Being honest with myself can be a bit hard at times.

Sometimes I don’t want to see the truth. I avoid it and ignore all the signs I get from my body.

One example of this was when I was working in film production. There were things I loved about film production. I freelanced so I worked on projects and then had time off. In between jobs I enjoyed the things I love doing-volunteering, exploring, visiting friends…

Then I would get a new job and my fun life was gone. There was only time for work, mainly because of the hours we worked each week. It was a grind. I got up in the morning worked 12-14 hours, came home, went to bed and started again the next day. I was making money but I had no time to spend it. The weekends would come and I found I needed to do something fun or my next week would suffer. But I also needed sleep and time to prep for the coming work week.  So the weekends went very fast. My life basically stopped when I was on a show. I found this to be frustrating.

I started to question if this was how I wanted to live.

The answer that kept coming up was no. I wanted more in my life than work. I wanted more of a balance. I needed to make a change. I worked hard to find my new career and create the life I dreamed.

A client told me she is happy that Covid19 has interrupted her 15 year work cycle.

Film production is shut down right now. She has no work. With this break, she has had time to look at her life and think about what she wants. Over the last few months she has been enjoying her hobbies and she has been thinking of alternatives to the life she has been living.

Now when she thinks about film work she starts to feel a bit anxious. Going back to the grueling schedule, back to a life of work with no time for herself is an unappealing thought for her.

This shut down has given her a chance to reset her life. She has time to think about what she really wants and to research options and get her next thing started.

We don’t always get this opportunity. People tend to stay on the course they start. It is easier. It takes courage, determination and commitment to make a change.


Taking advantage of the shutdown has made a new life possible for my client.

But it is her determination and commitment that will get her to her next thing. It takes courage and she is very courageous. When her courage starts to falter I am here to help her through it. We are working toward her future. She has started her new path.

How about you?

Are you taking advantage of Covid19 to see if you are on the right path for your future?