Time management can be difficult.

There are times I am so good at it. I plan my week’s goals on Sunday. Each day has a to-do list and I get it all done.

Those weeks are so much fun. I feel productive and happy when the week is finished.

Then there are the weeks where things come up that need to be addressed and the schedule gets away from me.

I am so much happier and more productive when I have an intention for my time.

Closeup of Clock gears

Time is the one thing that has a limit. How we use our time should be preciously guarded. I know I don’t do it and I assume there are others out there that are the same way.

I want to enjoy life. I need to be ok with wasting some time.

We all need down time. I also know that being intentional with my time makes me happier. When I schedule my time, I get things done and then do not feel guilty looking at social media or playing a game online. (just a few that I consider my time-wasting activities)

My previous work, in film production, was in a very high paced work environment. We finished the list before we left, no matter how long it took. I am used to accomplishing things at work.

When I started my business, I was working as much as I could. My only focus was my business. My garden was full of weeds, my social life was minimal, I wasn’t exercising or spending time outdoors. My business didn’t grow and I was unhappy.

One of my coaches gave me the book Atomic Habits by James Clear. It changed how I spend my time.

Everything we do compounds. If I schedule my days with intentional activities I will reach my goals. This works the other way too. If we continue our bad habits, they will compound. Nothing happens overnight it takes time.

I kept scheduling my week with good habits and I got results.

An example of this is my cycling habit. To start making it a habit, I had to intentionally schedule it in my week. If I just put it on the list it never got done. When I scheduled it at a specific time, I did it every time.

I was honoring my myself by honoring my schedule and my intention.

I was more productive in my business even though I was taking the time to regularly bike during my work week.

Setting an intention and scheduling my weeks gave me more time. I wasn’t just clocking hours at my desk. I was accomplishing my goals. And I had balance in my life.

With a scheduled life, I am maximizing the time I have left to live it.

How is your time management?

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