First let’s look at what you don’t like about your job. Why don’t you like your job? Is it the work? Is it the people? Is it the lifestyle? Do you not like the career field or just the position you are in? What are the reasons behind your answers?

Now let’s look at what is good in your job. Why did you choose it originally? What stimulated you about the field? What stimulates you now at this job?

I had to look at all of these questions when I decided to do my next thing.

When I found my path in college I was excited, energized and happy to have found such a great career. It took a while before I figured out how to get in film production but when I did, I enjoyed it. I was even recruited to work on a new series in LA.

A life in the movies was never a thought I had as a child. Here I was excelling in the career I had discovered in college. Something I never even thought about previously. My dreams were changing. The possibilities were endless. Being in LA, the film mecca, was exciting.

After the newness wore off, I looked around at my peers to see how they were living. It was very different than the life I had in Atlanta. I started to question my choice. Was this what I wanted?

For the first time, I thought about how I wanted to live my life.

But I left film production, what would I do?

Reflecting on my work helped me find the path to start exploring. If I wanted something new, that I would enjoy, I needed to figure out what I liked and disliked about my current position.

By analyzing my work and life I was able to figure out new careers to pursue. By the time I found life coaching I was much better at figuring out my next career.

I found that the trick was self-reflection and analysis of my past work and life experiences

Doing the work helped me discover more about myself and expanded my mind to new possibilities. I thought about what was possible now and in my future. It all started with questions.


What are the questions you need to answer to get on your next path?