Goals are important but the journey is where you spend the most time
working and growing to reach your goals.

This is where I struggle the most.

I started working as a waitress as a kid, then I worked in film production for many years.

My work method is to work hard then take time off. The mentality in film production is to work until we get the day’s work done. We regularly worked 12-14 hours. On commercials we don’t stop until it is finished. Sometimes the hours can be crazy.

This work method can come in handy when something needs to get done, but I constantly struggle with scheduling. If it is on the list, I feel it needs to be crossed off that day. I work hard to reach my goals. That really doesn’t sound like a problem.  The issue comes in when I work instead of living my life.

The other day I had enough.

I could tell I was on the verge. I have been working constantly without a break.

Then I opened an email from a friend. She said she had vacations planned that were cancelled because of COVID. Instead of taking those vacations she just kept working. Then she hit the wall and realized she needed a break so she took it. Now she is back and feeling revived.

The minute I read this, I realized that was my issue too. I had many trips planned and then cancelled because of the virus. I am very social but have been holed in my home office, working away. I need human contact regularly.

When I realized this, I went immediately to the woods. The forest bathing is true. I could feel my energy changing as I started walking.

Then I scheduled a getaway and a week off.

This is the part I forget. Sometimes I forget about fun and life, while reaching for my goals. I am too focused on the end product and not the journey.

I was very balanced in life and work until the shutdown. I loved the life I was living. I love my work and my community. Now,  I need to adjust to the current reality. It isn’t changing very quickly.

The journey is where we live. The goal is fleeting.

Once we reach the goal we start working on the next one. Then we are back on the journey working toward the next goal.

Goals keep us moving but the life happens between the goals. It is important to remember to live.

The day to day journey is as important as the goal because each day is a moment of our life. The only moment we have is the present.

Be sure to enjoy these moments too.