Our life is a journey.

When we set a goal the journey gets us to the goal, then we set the next goal. The goal is a fleeting moment. It helps us with move forward with life, but it is not where we live. We live every day. We live in the journey.

windy rural road

If we only celebrate reaching the goals, we miss recognizing a lot of wonderful things in our life.

The other day I screwed up while making a change to my Instagram account. I accidentally deleted my email on the account. Then I couldn’t figure out how to get it back onto the account. This is my business account. I have a ton of posts and followers. I was so frustrated. I was mad at myself. I couldn’t connect to Instagram help. OMG what was I going to do?

I started to get very upset and get very mad at what I did. I started to beat myself up for making that mistake. Then I stopped. I didn’t want to treat myself that way. I was getting nowhere with the thoughts I was having, and I wasn’t happy with the way I was treating myself.

I couldn’t think clearly. I needed to walk away so I could think differently. I put it on my to-do list for Monday. It was my focus for that day. I started to attack the problem with new thoughts. My main thought was: I will figure this out. I calmly sat down, googled questions and patiently tried things until I figured it out. And I did!

I took the time to figure it out.
I determined the thoughts I needed to be able to make it happen.
I made it happen.
There was so much to celebrate. I felt so empowered that I fixed my mistake.

This is the journey. There are things that go wrong and go right each day. You get to choose how you react to them, how you feel about them and how you will treat yourself along the way.

That is the journey.

How you treat yourself every day of your journey is your choice.

You can choose to be kind to yourself. You can choose to celebrate your successes. You can choose to be happy along the way. Or you can choose to be miserable.

How you live your journey is your choice.

You have a Eulogy of how you want to be remembered in your life. How you get there is your journey. You get to decide how that looks.

As a coach I help you with your journey. I understand it may be time to make a change in your career. During the change you get to decide how you think and feel.

I advocate for you to have fun, be calm and enjoy the journey.

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