Happy New Year and Welcome to 2020.

Here we are at a new year with new goals and new possibilities. Leading up to this time there is a lot of pressure-the holidays, gifts, family, travel… The main topics and questions in media and from people around you are about your New Year’s resolutions.

Most resolutions are never realized. They say that 8% is the total of New Year’s Resolutions that are completed. No one wants to start their year failing? I know I don’t.



I want to set myself up for success, not failure.

I changed my resolution date to my birthday at the beginning of February. Each new year is really about our life.  My birthday works well for that. When everyone is at the point of failing their resolutions, I am just starting mine.

Instead of the New Year pressure, I spend January reflecting on the previous year.  And then I really plan the changes I need.  I have found Reflection to be the most beneficial part of January.

Steps for successful resolutions:

  1.  I start with looking at the things that worked in the last year.
    It is a great way to start because you are honoring you and your accomplishments. We all do amazing things each day. It is easy to have the failures overwhelm the good stuff. Take time to reflect and honor yourself. And write it down.

  2. Then I look at the things that didn’t work.
    As I write down what didn’t work for me in the past year I am very specific. With this information I can start to decide what needs to change in the next year.
  3.  I make a list of what I want to  change and the steps I can I take to change the things that didn’t work.
    Be specific and be realistic. I start with small steps. Remember we want to succeed here.  I really look at what is possible to accomplish. If you want to be successful in anything you need to be realistic. With specific steps you can accomplish your goals.

Once you accomplish one goal, you will have great energy and the sense of accomplishment.

And with that it will be easier to reach you next goals. You can always add new goals as the year progresses.

Don’t overreach. Set yourself up for success.

Be part of the 8% who achieve their resolutions.