I saw a post recently that said  “ You are one thought away from reinvention.” That made me think about all the thoughts I had before and after starting on my path to reinvention.

I have spoken about thoughts in the past. I believe your life all comes down to your thoughts. What you think is what you get as a result.

So if that is true, one thought can change your life. Either thinking that thought or not thinking that thought.

I have had many thoughts shift in my life.

Once I realized how my thoughts were creating my life I started to look at each one and decide if I needed that thought.

Our brain finds evidence for anything we think.

A perfect example of this it the movie The Upside of Anger. It opens with a woman upset about her missing husband. She thinks he has left her and her children to live in a foreign country with another woman. She is angry and the movie takes us through her anger. We believe her experience is true. We empathize with her. He seems like such a cad because he just left her and her kids without any contact. A year passes. A construction crew starts to build on an adjacent lot. The crew ends up finding a body. Turns out to be her missing husband.

That whole year of anger was for nothing. He didn’t leave her and kids, he died. What if she had a different thought when he went missing? It would be a completely different movie.

One thought could change your movie.

What could that thought be?