I grew up before cell phones and computers. There were only five channels on the TV. I remember watching bowling on rainy days-it was the only thing on. We didn’t have constant entertainment to distract our mind. Our minds had a lot of time to dream and create.

Now the world is a different place. There are streaming services for TV so it is on demand, we have computers in our pockets, and there are many video games to keep us from getting bored. Down time is a novelty instead of the norm.

Our brain needs time to relax,
               time to wander, time to create.

Splash of orange paint with oil to represent creativity

I think everyone is creative.

When you read a book. You determine how to interpret it. You cast the characters. You decorate the rooms. You get to be creative.

When you watch a TV show or see a movie you are watching someone else’s creative interpretation. Seeing other points of view is what makes movies so much fun to watch.

I remember reading The Shining by Steven King. Right after I finished reading the book, the movie came out. I was excited to see the movie. Until I saw it. It was completely different than I had imagined.

A movie is different than a book. A book can describe something easily. But making it happen visually in a movie can be impossible. That is what happened with The Shining. I remember hating it when it first came out. My images from reading it were still stuck in my mind. The movie wasn’t the book. Years later I saw the movie again. The images from the book had faded in my mind so I was able to enjoy the movie.

We need time to create. We need time to dream.

We get on a path and it is hard to see something new. I work with people who are ready for something new in their lives but aren’t sure what that is.

I have my clients go back to creativity. I have them take time to dream.

It is interesting to see what people come up with when I have them dream. It takes time to get beyond the societal norms.

With my creative background, I help them brainstorm and open their minds to other possibilities. Once they are open, the ideas flow and they get excited.

I suggest that you schedule time to just be.

Sit. Don’t look at your phone or computer. Let your mind have some downtime. Then see what comes up.

Any revelations?

I’m waiting to hear what happened. Send me an email.

Remember everyone is creative.