Our lives stay on the same path unless we change them.

My life has changed drastically.

When I first arrived in WNC. I was married. We created a coffee shop and community together. And I started a women’s group.

The divorce changed everything. For me, all the goals we had together evaporated.

group of friends at beach

Now that my life is different, my friendships have changed. Some are stronger and others have faded away. For years I just let things happen when it came to relationships. I didn’t work to make new friends or actively look for a partner.

This past year has been different. I made-a-plan. I decided to foster new friendships and meet a new partner.

Fostering new friendships has been easy. I am part of a few local organizations, I volunteer, I network and I easily talk to people everywhere. I did work to get better at being a friend. Now I make the effort to get together. When they reach out I make the effort to meet. If I am invited to a gathering I make the effort to attend. I have made some really cool new friends.

The partnership is a different story.

I tried on my own for a few years. I dated different people but as the excitement wore off, my relationship patterns from the past were revealed.  I wanted a partnership. I just didn’t know how to go about finding the right one.

I realized I was the issue but what was I doing?

I believe in coaching so, I hired a relationship coach. She helped me see the things that were getting in my way. So many things.

Online dating can be frustrating. So many thoughts form before you even meet.

I went on a lot of dates. She pointed out that I was leveling up with each new guy. I just had a bunch of levels to go, to get where I wanted.

I wanted a partner. I didn’t need someone to take care of me. I didn’t need someone to entertain me. If it wasn’t a good relationship, I would rather be alone.

I got clear on what I was wanted. This was important. I was open minded about the initial connection, also important.

I just needed to find someone else that was open too. Someone who didn’t come to the date already filled with stories and expectations.

When I was ready to give up, my coach held the belief for me. She encouraged me to keep trying. She kept saying there is someone out there for you. He is looking for you too.

She was right. I found him.

Last year, I learned how to find my people. I opened myself to new friendships, a new relationship and a new life.

I intentionally decided what I wanted last year and I made it happen.

Living intentionally is what a plan is all about.

You create your life.
Is your life the way you dreamed?

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Your relationship?

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