Once you have a few ideas for a new career the next step is researching.
This is one of my favorite steps.
This is were you will gain insight about the different careers you are interested in. It is an important step in the decision-making process. It is where you get the real story about the career that interests you.

One of the most essential steps is to have Information Conversations.

These are how you will really find out about your field of interest. These are not job interviews. The main purpose of these conversations is to hear first-hand about the career field you are considering and what it looks like to work in it.

In these conversations you will talk about the jobs in the field, what the work looks like, what a typical day looks like, and how the person you are talking to got their position. This is a great time to ask about their story.

I did this research when I decided to go into a nonprofit world. I wanted to see what the jobs entailed.

I started by researching online. There I found a lot of information about job descriptions, qualifications for each job, and salary ranges. I narrowed down the jobs that interested me.

Once I had a direction, I started to talk to friends and try to connect with people in the nonprofit world to see what they had to say about my choice. I wanted to know the human experience.

It was time for Information Conversations.

This actually can happen fast. People like to connect with others especially when they know it is about information not about a job.

I spoke with people that were doing fundraising because it was the direction I chose.

What I learned:

  • What the day-to-day life was like as a fundraiser.
  • The different types of jobs within the fundraising field.
  • Names of other people to speak with in the field.
  • Professional Organizations and Conferences to check out.

It was amazing how helpful everyone was.
I even got unsolicited job leads.


I find Information Conversations to be informative, inspiring and a great introduction into a new market.

I began attending networking events in my new field.  I met more people for Information Conversations. And the job possibilities presented themselves.

If you are just starting to think about a new career.

  • Start with research on the internet.
  • Then set up some Information Conversations. 


I would love to hear how it’s going for you. Send me an email!