We started with awareness on how you currently spending your time. Then we worked on how to set the goals, divide the tasks, and estimate the time each task takes. You are now making your schedule ahead of time.

The last step is to honor that schedule. To do what is on the list.

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I was talking to a client about scheduling. Every day she feels overwhelmed, disorganized and like she isn’t accomplishing much.

She said she works from a master list. She didn’t want to be too rigid about her schedule, she wanted freedom.

Overloading your day with tasks, will have you feeling overwhelmed and you won’t accomplish much. Your brain needs to be managed. If there is too much on the list, where do you start? Also, you never finish it all in a day, so you are failing every day.

I suggested she change her scheduling to the method I described in this month’s Tuesday Tips. She tried it. And that week she is felt more accomplished and less overwhelmed. And she is getting things done.

It is important to not over schedule your days. That will just lead to frustration and burnout.

Perfecting your schedule takes time. My client has been feeling better but is still finding the balance. The next step for her is limiting her daily tasks. And getting more realistic about what she can accomplish.

Last time we talked, she seemed a bit tense. I asked her what she was doing that day. She said she needed to finish a big project. When that was done, she was planning to start another big task. I suggested she just finish the first task and wait until tomorrow to start the next one. I could see her body relax.

I also suggested she celebrate when the first project was completed. Just dancing around the house to reward herself for finishing, will make her more excited to do the next thing.

The goal it to take care of yourself. And to enjoy the journey.

Scheduling will give you freedom. You will feel accomplished because you finish what you scheduled. You will be setting yourself up for success instead of failure. Your brain won’t be confused so there is more room to be curious and creative.

This is your life and how you feel is important.

Honoring your schedule is honoring yourself. When you master the scheduling process you will see how it opens you up to so many other possibilities.

When I schedule my weeks, I feel relaxed, accomplished and satisfied with my work. I also have more time for other things in my life like hiking, biking, movies, friends and projects around my house.

How do you want to feel at the end of each day, week, month and year?

I want to love myself, my work and my life. And I am putting things in place to make that possible. Scheduling is one of those things.

I can help you find and achieve your life goals. Don’t stay stuck in confusion.

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