Time is the biggest issue people seem to have. We tend to feel that there is never enough time in a day, a week or a year.

But is that really true? I think we are so used to not having enough time, we use it as an excuse to not get things done.

If we take time to decide what needs to be done each week, we can get it done. Once I started planning the week’s goals on Sunday, my life and productivity greatly improved.

Still life with flowers, candy jar and scheduling book

Most of my work career was in a freelance capacity. This meant when I worked, I worked hard. I also had a lot of time off between jobs. I am not the type of person who can just watch soap operas and eat bonbons and be happy. I needed to feel accomplished and get things done.

I had to learn to schedule my days and weeks so I would feel accomplished.

When freelancing was new for me, I started to find new hobbies that I never had time for in the past. I also found volunteer opportunities that I enjoyed and that would give back to my community. Soon my off days were very full too.

Scheduling was my biggest challenge. I found that I needed a list, that I made at least the day before, or I got nothing done. When I scheduled, I had time for hobbies and regular volunteering. I was working enough to support my lifestyle. I was happy.

When I started my coaching business, I had new scheduling challenges. I had work to accomplish. And I also had hobbies and friends I wanted to have time enjoying.

At first work was the only thing I did. There was always something that needed to get done for my business.

I started the business for a few reasons, one being that I wanted to control my schedule and do everything I loved. Working at my desk all the time didn’t really fit with how I wanted my life. I had to make a change. I wanted a full life. I needed to schedule it.

I researched scheduling apps, I watched webinars and searched google. I needed a new way of making my life work.

My path started with awareness. How was I spending my time and how was that working?

I started to make a week’s plan each Sunday. The schedule was full, too full. I learned to be more realistic. I started to cut back the on the listed tasks. It helped but it wasn’t until I heard about the Sunday Planning from Darren Hardy that it all came together.

The Sunday planner starts with defining your week’s three goals. Why three? It really isn’t feasible to get more than three done. With three I had time to get things done that kept furthering my yearly goals, every week.

I broke a piece of paper in four squares. The three goals are at the top of three squares. Then the forth box is for all the things that do not further the three goals. It is for all of the stuff that is not a priority.

This exercise will help teach you to see your week’s priorities. It will help you see where you are spending your time and how to change it. The trick is to do the goal tasks first. With practice, it gets easier to realize which things are important and which are not.

We all have the limited time in the week. The trick is to accomplish your goals and not feel overwhelmed by the amount that needs to get done each week.

At first this seemed impossible. I over scheduled. But it got easier the more I did it. I got better at deciding what really needed to get done.

My goals can change each week. I decide what is the most important for that week. If friends visit, I take a vacation, or the weather is great for hiking or biking, I put them under my work/life balance goal. They are important to the life I want to live.

You get to decide how you spend your time. Making it productive is your choice too.

Don’t stay stuck. Asking for help can be the quickest way to achieving your goals.

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