We are at a that time of year. Time to look at this past year and plan for next year. This month is all about evaluation. Time to see all you have accomplished.

Woman on mountain looking at view or valley

When I started my evaluation, I was looking at the physical things I did. One being the erection of my greenhouse that had been in my basement for years. It was a great accomplishment this year.

But there was so much more. I learned so much about myself, my life and my business.

That is really the most gratifying part of the evaluation. Looking at the growth you have had in the past year.

When I evaluate the year. I look at how I felt, what I thought, how I progressed with my goals and how I have changed in the year.

Last year Thanksgiving was not fun for me. The isolation was getting to me. I started to build the frame for my greenhouse over the holiday. I did it alone. Starting the project was great. The hard part was being alone and disconnected from people. I totally went into my head, spun out and felt alone and sad.

You know what it’s like, you spin out, wallow and hold onto your pain.

Instead of taking responsibility for my life and not taking things personally, I felt unloved and blamed people for my pain.

This got me nowhere except to the bottom of the spiral, sad and mad at the world.

And it took me awhile to get out of that place.

This year is different. I worked on learning more about people, the world and me. I worked to find the truth in situations. I worked to find compassion for others, and I worked to make my life the life I wanted to live.

I decided I needed to stay true to myself and who I want to be.

I worked to stay focused on my stuff and continually growing to become the person I want to be. I also worked to create new relationships that satisfied my needs and I dropped relationships that were draining me.

Covid is still here and who knows how long it will continue. Just like everyone else, I am working to find my way in this new world. As an extrovert I need time with people. This year I have made more of an effort to fill this need.

My growth has been exponential.

This year I took care of myself at Thanksgiving. I set myself up for success. I had a great time doing something completely new and different than the past. I knew I didn’t want a repeat of how I felt last year.

We can have anything we want in our lives, we just need to see where we are and where we want to go.

You have responsibility for your life. Are you living it the way you want?

Evaluate the year. See what you want to change and make it happen.

I am here to help you. Drop me an email or sign up for a free consult call.

I believe in you. You can do it!