When I was young, all I wanted was to live in a big city. That all changed when we ended up managing a bed and breakfast in Lake Tahoe. I instantly loved small town living. I didn’t have to lock my doors, I picked up hitchhikers, I felt safe and happy to be part of a community.

When it came to leaving that area, safety and community were now on top of my list of needs for my living situation.

Instead of going back to Atlanta, we decided to check out the Asheville area. I wanted safety, beauty, mountains and community. We found a home and opened a coffee shop in a very small town. Our intention was to help rebuild the community by giving people a place to gather.

We had come across small towns on our travels and enjoyed finding great food and coffee. My intention for the coffee shop was just that. I wanted the locals to be spoiled and when out-of-towners happened upon it, they were pleasantly surprised by what they found.


Because I had an intention I was able to stay on the path to get there.

And I did. I knew I had achieved my goal, when a reporter stopped by randomly because he was hiking in the area and needed lunch. He was blown away by the food. He wrote a review of the coffee shop for the Asheville paper that said exactly what I had hoped people would think. I had achieved my goal.

My marriage ended and I was no longer involved in that coffee shop. I moved to an old career when I needed to make quick money to survive. It was fun at times. I liked the job but I didn’t have an intention for the job besides making money to survive. Just working doesn’t satisfy me.

After my bills were paid and I was more than surviving, I needed something new to get me excited again. But I had no clue what that was going to be.

I started by thinking about my intention for my life. What was important to me? What was that thing I just had to do, even if there was no money in it?

After a lot of soul searching, I realized my intention is to make the world a better place. I want to help people be happy, live with no regrets, get off the treadmill and change their lives.

All of my career changes have given me opportunities to see different ways to live. I had taken the leap to new careers and I survived each time. In fact, I found success with each venture. The experiences taught me more about myself, they gave me confidence to keep trying new things, and led me to where I am today.

When I started this journey, I had no clue I would be a life coach. It was revealed to me though all my adventures.

Once I determined my intention, how to accomplish it became easier. My intention to make the world a better place, gives me unlimited ways to pursue my life.

My Coaching Business is only one way to work on my intention. I work towards it by the way I live my life, by working in my community, volunteering, and my everyday actions.

Intention can be whatever you decide. It will be the thing that keeps you motivated and gives you direction.

Remember you get to decide what you want from your life. And you get to decide how to live it.