What we look for we find.

If you look for the good, you find good. If you look for the negative, you will find that.

It is amazing how this works.  

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A great example of this happened in my life.

My birthday is February 1. As an adult I have a yearly birthday party. It actually is a great time to get together. The holiday parties are just memories and people are ready to see friends again.

There were years at my parties, instead of enjoying and honoring the people that were there, I would be upset about those who weren’t. I would be upset that they didn’t come. I took it personally. Here I was having a celebration and instead of celebrating I was using it to show myself I wasn’t really loved.

This was crazy. I needed to make a change.

So, I did. I actively decided to look at the people who were there, who did take the time to come. And to enjoy those people instead of looking at the people who didn’t come. The parties were so much more fun. At the end of the party I was happy, satiated and filled with love.

It changed my whole perspective. I started enjoying the parties so much more.

How did this happen?

I changed what I was looking for.

I embraced the people that attended, instead of thinking about the people that didn’t. I looked for the love that was being expressed, instead of finding evidence for how people didn’t like me.

This has changed my life.

It started with parties. Then I expanded it to the rest of my life. Now I look for the good, I look for the love in every situation. And guess what? I find it everywhere, in everyone. There is love all over the world.

The local news is about ratings. Stories about  love and good don’t sell. Don’t believe me? Think about a crash on the road. People slow down and stop for the crash but do not stop or slow for a beautiful sunset.

What you look for you find.

Are you finding the right things in your life?


Maybe a change of perspective is all you need.

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