We don’t know what the future will bring. COVID 19 is a perfect example of that. Who would have thought last year that we would be in the situation we are now in.  We can only live in the moment.

But there are times in the moment that we don’t want to do something. That is when thinking about the future will come in handy.

Having a vision helps keep you on a path. It is more than a dream it is a plan. You can change that plan at any time. I like having one so I have a direction to work toward every day.

In my 5-year vision. I see myself hiking and biking around the world.

To do that I need to stay in hiking and biking shape.

Today I went for my usual morning ride and it was hard. My energy was low. I could have passed on today but I didn’t want to do that. If I give myself a pass today what other days would I do that same thing?  The regular bike rides would stop and my future biking will suffer. My vision will not be attained if I am not in shape to do it.

This is thinking from my future self.

There are always days we will not feel like working, exercising, eating right or doing all of those chores. But if we think about the consequences of our actions on our future self, we will do them.

I am watching the Tour De France and thinking about attending it in the future. When I am there I want to be able to bike some of the stages-ok, just part of them. I think it will make me appreciate the riders more. And how cool would that be?

To do that I need many more hours of pedaling. So when it comes to my regular rides I do them with my future vision in mind.

There are days I am just excited to ride and experience the joy of it. It is on the days that I feel tired, or have a lot of work, or just don’t feel like riding that I have to think from my future self.

I do this with business too. When starting something new, we push through the hard stuff, knowing that in the future it will be easy.  We know that we have to do these steps to get to our goals.

Use your future self to your advantage.

When you are confused about what to do next, look at your vision, look at your goals. What would you say to yourself if you had already achieved them?

When it comes to my biking, I look to the future to get through the workouts on the hard days.

When it comes to my career, I also keep the future in mind. I keep working toward my goals. And I stay on the path that will get me there.

If you keep your future self in mind decisions will be easy.


I ask what my future self would do all the time. She has so much wisdom.