People have different reasons to work.
Money is part of the reason but there are others. Some want their own business. Some just want money to live their lives. And some people look to their work to fulfill them in different ways.


As the world changes so do the reasons.

My father worked to make money to support a family until it was time to retire. He stayed with the same company his whole working career. This was a normal thing for his generation. That is not the norm today. We tend to change companies, jobs and careers instead of staying at one place until retirement.

I freelanced in film production for years. I worked for different companies, with different people, on different projects. My position on the crew stayed the same even though the projects changed all the time. It was kind of like regularly changing jobs.  I was steadily working and making good money.

After years doing the same job I was ready for something new. I remembered how I felt when I started in film production. I loved it. I thought maybe there was a different position in film production that would get that feeling back. I looked at possibilities but nothing inspired me. I didn’t want to work another 10-15 years in the same position. I wanted a new challenge. Something that got me excited to get up and go to work. I was finished with film.

This is when I started my journey to find my next career.

I looked to friends and other people to see why they worked. One friend spent his life working in a factory. Every year he would be laid off for months at a time. While he was laid off, he would travel to places he dreamed about while working. His passion was photography, the photos are beautiful. His day job was a means to an end. When he was laid off, he had the time and the money to do the things he loved. His passion didn’t have to cover his life expenses. He could enjoy it in his free time. When he worked he was making money with a goal in mind-travel. He didn’t mind that the job was only for making money. His passion sustained him.

When I was deciding on my next career I thought about this. I had a lot of questions to answer. Those questions included:

Why was I working?
What did I want from my career?
Was it just money?
What would give me job satisfaction?

I answered those questions and many more to find my next career.  I knew I wanted to help others. How could I do this as a career and still make money?

Through questioning, journaling and coaching I found out more about what I wanted. This changed my life. I discovered who I wanted to be and how I wanted to serve others. I wanted to help others with their transformation.

Today, I am inspired and happy. I can’t believe I get to do the things I do. I took time to design my career and my life.  And now, it is fabulous!

Are you ready to design
your Next Amazing Career?