I was traveling to Atlanta for work while going through a divorce. My home was in Asheville. I was renting a place in Atlanta so I had two homes. I was working a lot. I was putting many miles on my vehicle. I was frustrated by all of the travel and the  time I spent in the car.

It was time for a change.

My first thought was to try living in Atlanta full time because of work. I rented my Asheville home and I moved to Atlanta. I lived to a great location, right on the beltline. I didn’t even need to drive when I wasn’t working. Which was a relief after all the miles I had put on my car. I walked everywhere-movies, grocery, restaurants. It seemed ideal. I started working even more.

After a while, I realized I wasn’t happier living in Atlanta. I was working all the time. I had no time for friends- no time to foster new ones and no time to hang out with the ones I already had. I started to think about how I wanted to live my life. I knew one thing, I didn’t want to work all the time.



What would I do if I didn’t do film production?

I had some ideas but I didn’t know how to get started.  What if I picked the wrong thing? I was telling a friend about my frustrations. She suggested I speak with a coach.

That was the first time I heard about life coaching.

I decided to try working with a coach. It was great to have help. To have someone holding me accountable and helping me find my next thing.

I had done a bunch of work on myself during my divorce. And it changed me. I started to see things differently. I was so grateful for the new perspective.

I wanted to help others see things differently too. I wanted to help people live better lives. Coaching seemed like the answer.  It had worked for me. Having an advocate was helping to make changing my life easier.

I got certified as a life coach. And I started to get my coaching business going, while still working in film production.

Staying on track with my business was difficult. I was moving forward, but slowly. I wanted it to happen faster. I needed support. I needed a mentor to inspire me and answer my questions.

So, I hired a business coach. Working with her made setting up my business happen much faster.  She held me accountable and helped me work through the blocks holding me back.

Too many people stay stuck in bad relationships and in jobs they don’t really want. They have no idea how to change. No idea how to get off the track they are on, even if they are not happy.

Because I hired coaches, I was able to jump off the track
and start living the life I wanted.

When you talk to the top athletes in the world, they usually credit a lot of their success to their coaches. They are the people that have their backs, inspire them to work hard and accomplish their goals. Life coaching is like that.

Do you feel stuck trying to reach your goals? A coach can help you.


Now that I have experienced working with a coach,
I won’t be without one.