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Don’t stay stuck in an unfulfilling career.
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Live Your Greatest Life

I know firsthand how difficult it can be to give up a successful career and start over.

Each time I transitioned, it took courage, determination, and commitment to a new venture and a new life.

One of the most important lessons I learned is: No one can do this for you.

We are the only ones in charge of our life and happiness.

My journey has been deeply satisfying, personally enlightening and wholeheartedly worth the risk.

Through experience and hard work I have learned how to  maneuver through the unknown path to reinvention. And  how to let go of your current career to make space for your new dream to come alive.

This journey takes courage and commitment. In my step-by-step program you will discover things about yourself, your career, and your life that will inform the best decisions for a satisfying and value-led future.

I love helping others reinvent their lives by realizing their gifts, reaching for their dreams, and finding their next career.

Lesley King

Empowerment Coach

We are asked “What do you want to be when you grow up?” many times as a child.

I had no idea what I wanted to do. I knew I was going to college but I wasn’t sure where that would lead me.

After a few years in college I was about ready to quit. A friend suggested I look into PR. I headed to the communications department. After one video production class, I was hooked. I had found my path.

I was finished with discovery and on my way to my life in film and video production.

If only it were that easy. I struggled like many others when I got out of school. Nobody had taught me the skills to get a job with my degree.

There was more to learn and discover about my chosen career path and about how to create the life I wanted.

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My Career Coaching Process

This is a fun, inspiring, discovery process designed for you, where you are.

We are individuals with a variety of backgrounds. We will take the time to look at your background and then to find your future.

There are a world of possibilities out there for you. I will help you see all that is available by opening your mind to new perspectives.

Don’t think returning to school is the only option to changing your career. Your skills and experiences will show you all you have to offer. 

Let’s explore what’s possible for you. 

Together let’s DREAM, DESIGN, AND DELIVER your next path in life. 

Tuesday Tips

Weekly Tips I share to help people look at life a little differently.
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Lesley King

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My Commitment to You

"As an Empowerment Coach, I will guide you through your reinvention.

I will help you while you reach for your dreams and find your next career."