My Career Coaching Process

This is a fun, inspiring, discovery process designed for you, where you are.

We are individuals with a variety of backgrounds. We will take the time to look at your background and then to find your future.

There are a world of possibilities out there for you. I will help you see all that is available by opening your mind to new perspectives.

Don’t think returning to school is the only option to changing your career. Your skills and experiences will show you all you have to offer. 

Let’s explore what’s possible for you. 

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6 Core Components of My Career Coaching Process

Let me help create the space that will allow you to move forward, to figure out what’s next your life or career.

Don’t let the old thoughts control your decisions.

Don’t stay stuck in a career that no longer makes you happy.

We all have thoughts about the time we have spent working at something. Thoughts about the length of time until retirement. And lots of thoughts about how a change will have you starting from the beginning, at an entry level position.

These thoughts are untrue. And they keep you stuck not reaching for your dreams.

I know this because I have felt it too.  But what I found is that we all have many skills and experiences and most will easily transition to new careers.

When we are frustrated, upset and unfulfilled our mind is busy trying to figure things out. The wheels are spinning. Our mind stays busy juggling all of the thoughts.

To be creative and discover something new, you need a calm mind.

To do this we begin with clarity. Who are you? What do you want? What are your skills and experiences? With a clear mind you will will be able to dream.

Once your mind is calm and open to creativity, we begin the designing process.

What life do you want? Where you want to live? Who do you want in your life? How do you want your life to look?

Then we design the career that fits your life design. And get you started on that path.

Let me help get clarity, give you new perspectives and assist you in developing the vision of your future.

I will hold the space you need to help you create the life you may have never thought possible.

I will hold the space and guide you through the process.

“Lesley has been the solid rock and guide who has believed in me when I couldn’t believe in myself. I highly recommend Lesley to guide you through upcoming life changes.

She has empathy and integrity as well as the steadfast commitment to seeing you through each stage of the life change process.”


Lesley King

CPC Empowerment Coach

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My Commitment to You

"As an Empowerment Coach, I will guide you through your reinvention.

I will help you while you reach for your dreams and find your next career."