About Lesley


My Story and How I Can Help You with Yours.


My Story

  • Learned how to network and get established
  • Worked my way up the ladder in my field
  • Moved to LA-film mecca
  • Started to question my path

I had a lot to learn when I got out of college. I started by learning how to network. I got established freelancing in Film production on commercials. Then I started working on movies and TV shows. I moved to LA to work on a hot new series. I was crushing it. It was LA!

At first, it was exciting and new. I was working all the time. I was in film mecca. I looked around and started to see where my goals would take me. Then I started to question my path.

• Is this really what I want?
• What is important to me?
• How do I want to live my life?

 I had never thought about doing anything else once I found film production. But I realized I wanted a different life than the one I saw my peers living.

Self doubt showed up. What is wrong with me? I had worked so hard to get established. I should just keep looking forward, thinking about my next step up the ladder.

More questions kept running through me head. Was it what I wanted? How would my life look if I kept on this path?

The confusion was debilitating. My mind needed clarity before I could make an intelligent informed decision.


I started to really look at what I wanted in my life:

• I want to give back to my community.
• I want to make a difference in individual’s lives.
• I want more control of my schedule.

I didn’t have these thoughts when I started my career. I was stuck with the age old question: What did I want to be when I grew up. I thought I just needed an answer to that question. I didn’t realize that the question was bigger than just a career.

Here I was in LA, film mecca and I wasn’t happy. I saw people working long hours and back-to-back shows without a break. I realized that that was not how I wanted to live. I wanted balance. And it wasn’t going to happen in film production in LA.

I was ready for a change. I just didn’t know what was next. This led me on a path of discovery. I tried a few different professions even got back into film production while going through a hellish divorce.

By this point, I had reinvented myself a few times. I was desperate, spinning my wheels trying to figure it out. I could go back to my old methods of finding my next thing or I could try something new.

It is hard to create a new life without new ideas.

I friend told me about a Life Coach. This was new to me. I hadn’t heard about life coaching at that point. The coaching opened me up to a new way of thinking.

Coaching opened up my mind. It showed me there were many other possibilities out there I had never dreamed about.


What’s Next?

  • Try new things
  • Keep looking
  • Get a coach to open my mind to new possibilities.

There isn’t just
one career,
one love,
or one life
for most people.

The things I do as a coach are what I have done for years. I have supported people in reaching their goals and finding more happiness in their lives by recognizing their gifts and dreams.

I have come to believe that there isn’t just one career, one love, or one life for most people.

All of the experiences in my life and work have led me here today. And I am happy.

Happy that I have had numerous careers, happy that I have had more than one love in my life, and happy to have had many life experiences so far.

I love the life I live.

You can change your life.

A coach helped me open my mind. I am here to help you open yours. 

I can help you achieve your dreams.


Lesley King

Empowerment CoacH

Let me help create the space that will allow you to move forward, to figure out what’s next your life or career.

Lesley King

CPC Empowerment Coach

Lesley has been chosen as a top Empowerment Coach by the coachfoundation.com.

My Commitment to You

"As an Empowerment Coach, I will guide you through your reinvention.

I will help you while you reach for your dreams and find your next career."