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“Lesley always helps me work through issues so well. I feel like most people just tell me what to do but not Lesley.

She listens with an open heart and we talk it all out.”


“Lesley is the one I’ve sought out when faced with difficult decision-making.

In the early time of my separation and later divorce, she helped me to gain perspective, make connections, and to set goals for the future all the while advocating for what approach would best meet the needs of my children.”


“Coach, what does that mean to me? A coach is more than an advocate, a support system, a friend, and a guardian angel.

During my biggest life challenge, divorce, I was blessed with a great life coach. With Lesley’s guidance and compassion, I was able to gracefully react to multiple situations and emotionally flourished with my newfound life skills.

Not only was I able to heal faster and better, but I was also able to start my new path with purpose and proper direction.

I will always cherish the skills learned with Lesley’s life coaching.”


“My experience with Lesley King as a guide through problems of divorce and estrangement from my daughter could not have been more supportive or lasting.

Her steadfast attention during these crises was a quiet strength that guided me back to stability and a capacity to love again.

Today, I still draw on the time Lesley spent patiently helping put my life back together. That strength holds me still.”


Signing on to empowerment coaching with Lesley was somewhat spontaneous, but it turns out it was a decision that will have a tremendous impact on the rest of my life.

I was entrenched in the process of selling my home of thirty years, divorcing, and generally shaking up my life.

I wasn’t quite sure where I wanted to land, let alone how I was going to get there, but I was aware that I needed to be intentional about how I moved forward in creating a fulfilling life.

Lesley’s coaching provided me the structure and the discipline to focus on my dreams and desires and helped me see possibilities that I would not have envisioned without her enthusiasm and positivity.


I had been working on myself for over 20 years when I found Lesley.

Working with her has changed my life.

I was having issues at work.

I was struggling to find my place and be a valuable part of a team.

Now I am part of a team.

They value my input, we are working well together and they took a weekend to help me with a project at my house.

Even my boyfriend of two years has noticed how calm and focused I have become.

Thank you Lesley for helping me realize I am in control of my life.


I just started working with Lesley and I can already see improvements in my life.

I changed how I thought about a few things and they made a dramatic difference in my work relationships.

She has truly empowered me to make more small changes every week.

Who knows where this will lead!


Working with Lesley has been amazing! Having weekly exercises and an online meeting with her provided me the accountability I needed to identify new pathways forward in my life.

The way she provided me with honest and straightforward feedback combined with a supportive atmosphere was right up my alley.


Lesley King

CPC Empowerment Coach

Lesley has been chosen as a top Empowerment Coach by the coachfoundation.com.

My Commitment to You

"As an Empowerment Coach, I will guide you through your reinvention.

I will help you while you reach for your dreams and find your next career."