It is summertime and we are taking vacations. When we get back we tend to go back to the same routines we had in the past.

Is that what you want?
How was your work/life balance before vacation?

Two women in yoga pose in yoga class

Vacations are a great time to start something new. What do you want to start that you haven’t had time for in the past?

I went to Sooke, BC on a housesit a few years ago. One of the things that I wanted to make a routine was yoga. I found a yoga studio while I was there and went regularly. It felt great to stretch and move again. I also loved practicing yoga in a group.

I decided that was what I would bring back to my life when I returned from vacation. And I did.

I started a weekly yoga practice. I made time for the classes I wanted to take. I put it on my calendar each week so I wouldn’t schedule something else during that time. It was working beautifully. Until Covid and then I stopped.

I love the way yoga makes me feel. I miss it. I did do a home practice for a while but that dropped off. I really am better in a group setting. I hold the poses longer and push myself harder. To make this a habit again I need to decide on a class and schedule it. This will happen when the whole pandemic ends.

Starting again will be a challenge.

Just like physics we tend to stay in motion when in motion. Starting from a stop takes more of an effort. A vacation is a perfect place to start a new habit. After a few days of the new activity your body is ready for more. It is in motion.


Keep it going!

Our lives are made up of habits.

I have mentioned my biking habit. I started biking regularly last year. I was very consistent. This year I am still biking. I stay in motion. I keep scheduling the rides. The weeks I don’t schedule them I feel different. Continuing the habit takes effort. Keeping the results in mind, makes it easier to make the effort.

So, while you are on vacation start something you have been wanting to start.

Before you come back put that activity on your schedule  weekly, for the whole month. After that it will be a habit.

Then all you need to do is honor your commitment to yourself. And your new habit will just become a part of your life.

Your life is a series of habits. Are these habits the ones you want in your life? Are they furthering you mission?

I am here to help you create your best life. If you are ready for a change, send me a message.

Let’s get you to the life of your dreams.