I remember being told as a kid that every snowflake is different.

We are like snowflakes. Each one of us is different. Even in one family, each person is unique.

Snowflake frost on window

This is a good thing.

How one person does things is always going to be different than how others do it. It is time to embrace our differences.

We create despair in ourselves, when we compare ourselves to others.

I was talking to my sister the other day. I have visited them numerous times and she has been to my home once. I have invited them many times, but they haven’t come.

I could come up with many reasons that don’t serve me and make me feel like I am unloved and unwanted. But instead, I decided to ask her why.

She told me they don’t travel much. Which is true. It is not their thing. They like being home, in their community with their kids and grandkids. It has nothing to do with me. It is about them and who they are.

I love to travel and explore other areas. I housesit so I can travel more and experience areas like a local instead of a tourist. It is hard for me to believe others don’t want that. But everyone is different and we all get to live how we want.

I love airbnbs. I have friends that love the luxury of a fancy hotel. We all get to do what we like.

There is a great musician-Secret Agent 23 Skidoo-who has a song “I gotta be me.” He is speaking and performing mainly for kids but every time I see him, I am inspired.

How are you unique? Who are you?

It took me a while to know and love myself just as I am. I had a hard time finding direction in my life. I was always reacting to the events around me. When I stopped and started to look deeper at my wants, needs, skills and accomplishments along with defining my values and my goals in life, I found clarity and direction.

I went from living in reaction, to living with intention.

Once I knew myself, figuring out what’s next in my life and my career was easy.

Living with intention is you deciding who you are and what you want. I no longer live in confusion. Decisions are easy, life is good and I am happy.

I am here to help you live with intention. It all starts with a free consult call. Let’s figure out what’s next for you.

Be yourself. Everyone else is taken.

Sing along and enjoy! Secret Agent 23 Skidoo