I am out of my comfort zone.

I am in San Francisco on a house sit. It is amazing and it is hard at times.

Me on Golden Gate Bridge

When I was deciding on my next career, I chose work that would create the life I wanted.

I want to live my life with intention. I want to be the one to decide what I want and then make it happen.

One thing I want in my life is more travel. But I don’t want to travel like a tourist, I want to experience new areas like a local.

When I worked in film production and was on location for a movie for 1-3 months, I worked and explored. The work gave me money and a purpose. The people I met through work gave me insight into the area I was visiting.

House-sitting has helped recreate this experience. Some days are fabulous.  And then there are days when I just feel uncomfortable.

I have to be willing to feel uncomfortable to experience things I want.

There have been many uncomfortable moments. But they change into amazing experiences each time. I am alone here, so I decided to be open to everything and everyone.

I have connected with people at shows, in bars and restaurants, in the gardens, on the bus, and almost every place I have gone. I am having a great time.

Being able to be uncomfortable has opened me up to a new life.

I am seeing and experiencing things I never would have if I stayed in my comfort zone. I know, through experience, that the uncomfortable feeling will pass quickly.  And getting out of my comfort zone gets easier each time.

Living with intention has given me a life I never thought possible.

Once I knew what I wanted I was able to create it.

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