One of my biggest lessons was from my second divorce. I knew that I was the common denominator in each marriage. I was one of the factors in the health of the relationship. It was time to figure out my part.

Counseling helped open my eyes. The learning began, and it hasn’t stopped.

Once I took responsibility for everything in my life, I became powerful.

A child learning to bike

Failing is hard. Mainly because we have been taught not to fail in life.

In school, an F meant you didn’t study or do the work, or you just didn’t understand the subject. I remember not doing my homework once, in first grade. I remember being called out for not doing my work and I remember how embarrassed I felt. I always did my homework after that.

This practice continued into my work and life. I prepare for my days, prepare for meetings, and finish my to-do list daily.

I learned from that failure. I learned I wanted to be prepared not called out and embarrassed.

That is an obvious example of how failure changed things in my life. There are many more I can reference.

I don’t like to fail. So, when a coach proposed a failure challenge for thirty days, I didn’t know what to do or what that meant.

It means trying things you haven’t tried without worrying if it will succeed. It means experimenting until you find what works.

Remember learning to ride a bike? The knee scrapes, the falls, the support from your dad pushing the bike to get you started, and the feeling of excitement when it worked. Then the hours of riding the streets and riding in the woods, and the freedom it allowed once you learned and embraced cycling.

The beginner’s mindset embraces failure.

We are rarely good at something the first time. It can be uncomfortable. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t do it.

When you are ready for a new career you need to embrace the beginner’s mindset. You need to get out of your comfort zone and look at your life differently. You have a choice to see it as scary or you can look at it as an exciting experiment.

Remember the feeling of freedom you had once you learned to bike? How is being stuck making you feel?

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