We all get anxious at times. It is a method our brain and body use to keep us safe. This is great except when you can’t seem to get past the anxiety.

I remember a time when I was easily upset. I was going through a major life change. I walked many miles to calm myself. And it worked. But there are times that a walk was not an option.

This is when I used a simple breathing exercise to instantly calm my mind and body.

Woman in lotus position meditating.


When you are very upset and have limited time the method I advocate is breathing. It doesn’t take much time and it works.

Breathe in for a count of four
Hold for a count of four.
Breathe out for a count of four.
Repeat four times.

This works for a few reasons. First your breath is always calming. When you get upset you stop breathing regularly.

It also helps take your mind off what is upsetting you. When you stop to breathe your brain is thinking about breathing and counting. Just like counting sheep when you can’t sleep, it gets your brain focused on something other then what is upsetting you.

Once you are calm you can figure out what is upsetting you. Just thinking about it can get you upset again so, you may need to do the 4/4 to get calm again.

This is not a cure for anxiety this is just a way to start calming yourself so you can still get things done. When you are calm you can manage your brain. You can comfort yourself. You can stop the spinning and see what is really happening.

Once you are calm, you can find someone to talk to that will help you with your problem.

There were many times in the past where I was so upset that it didn’t matter what anyone said I couldn’t calm down. When I used this breathing method, I calmed myself enough to take in the advice, love and support from others.

This is just one on my many tricks to manage my life’s ups and downs.

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