Anxiety is just fear. Working through the fear will help you get through it.

When I am true to myself, take care of myself, love myself, the anxiety lessens.

It is when I am not in integrity, not grounded, and do not have my back, that is when anxiety takes over.

broken glass with face reflection

We all have fears.

Fear happens when we do something we haven’t done before.

When I started my business, it took a while before I could tell people I was a life coach. I didn’t believe it myself. It took practice before it rolled off my tongue. It took a while before I felt comfortable in the position, before I felt I was really a coach. Now I have clients that get great results. I have proof that I can help people. Now it is easy to tell people what I do, tell them how I can help them, and help them get results.

It took awhile before I got comfortable on camera for my Tuesday Tips.

At first, I edited my own tips. I had to look at myself on camera, listen to my voice and see the stumbles and incoherent rants. Watching myself, editing the tips and posting them helped me get better. Helped me decide how I wanted them to look and helped me decide the direction they should go.

For years I had ideas for gardening shows. I thought about the host and then the idea would die. It had to be the right person. I would have been perfect but I didn’t want to be on camera. I had taken classes in college where I had to record myself and listen to my voice. I thought I was horrible.

When it came to the Tuesday Tips, I just decided I had to do it. I decided to work through the fears and get better. I didn’t give myself an out, I didn’t let myself quit. Now they are much easier to do.

I have found when I do the things I plan, when I speak my truth, when I live in integrity I don’t have much anxiety.

It is when I don’t speak up, when I don’t honor my plans and when I get upset instead of breathing and finding peace before speaking. Those are the times I am anxious.

When my clients are anxious we look into these things. They tell me the story and we find the disconnect. Our stories give us so much information.

Are you ready to work on your anxiety?

Write out the story that is making you anxious. Write down everything you are thinking and feeling.

Now look at it again.

  • What are you really saying?
  • Why are you really feeling upset?
  • Is what you are thinking really true?

Find that deeper meaning.

I look back at the garden show ideas and I have some regrets. Regret that I didn’t just do it. I stopped myself because of my fears. Who knows where that would have taken me?

Don’t let your fears stop you from living your life.

I am here to help. Send me a message or sign up for free consult. Let’s get you on your next path.