There are only a certain number of hours in the day. To accomplish your goals and live the life you want you need to decide how you spend those hours.

Time is limited

Our life is made up of habits.

If you want to add new habits to your life you will probably need to remove some existing habits. To do this you need to look at all your habits and decide which ones do not serve you anymore.

How do you do this? I suggest you look at your days and weeks and list all your habits.

Habits are the things you do consistently.

Now look at that list and put the habits in categories. You get to make up the categories. Things like essentials-brushing teeth, bathing, exercise; Pleasure-lunch with friends, movies, reading; Work-business reading, emails, scheduling.

You get the picture. You get to decide the categories because you will be the one doing the habits. You are the one who gets to decide how you live.

Look at the list and figure out which habits make your life better. The ones that make your life journey the way you want it to be.

For example, I want to read more. I looked at my days and found time to make that happen.

I get into bad TV habits in the winter. I always need to set an intention to stay motivated once it gets dark. Instead of a few hours of reading after I finish work, I have been retreating to the TV room.  I realize I haven’t been reading as much. So, my TV habit needs to be curtailed.

It is easy to fall into the habit that does not serve you.

Once I realize what is happening, I start to get back to the habit I want.

This takes some effort. Start with the goal. If you miss a day or so, instead of beating yourself up, notice what you are doing. Ask yourself why are you avoiding the habit.

Of course, we all have reasons. Some are good, they keep furthering your goals. And some are just excuses.

Look at the excuses and find the real reason you didn’t honor your habit. It can be laziness, distraction, bad mood…

Then look deeper. Laziness can be from being tired, being sad, or just no motivation.

Remember habits are what create your life. Look at all your habits and decide if they are making your life the life you want to live.

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